The NTSP is run by volunteers and funded from a variety of sources, including grants and donations. You can find out more about the people who run the charity in the About section.

Does the NTSP pay their volunteers?

Most of our educational videos, podcasts and written resources were developed by staff and patients giving their time for free. Some of the costs associated with the filming and production were met by a grant from the health foundation, but the planning, development, maintenance, and distribution of our resources is not specifically funded.

Importantly, none of the directors, trustees, partners, or volunteers that work with us receive any financial compensation beyond simple expenses. We would like to grow to a point in the future where we could employ staff on a permanent basis, because we think that there is enough work associated with improving tracheostomy care to justify a permanent team at the NTSP. We would also like to get to point of financial stability where we have adequate reserves to embark on projects in the future without having to resort to competitive grant funding. Whilst there was be a role for grant funding in the future, grant applications take a lot of time to prepare, are usually extremely competitive, and the time from starting an application to receiving any funding can be months or even years. 

Does the NTSP receive money from industry?

The NTSP does not specifically align with any particular medical device company or endorse any particular products. However, we have received unrestricted donations and sponsorship for several of our courses and events over the years, and we will continue to collaborate with industry in the future. Any donations from industry are used to develop new resources to meet the charities stated objectives.

Does the NTSP publish its finances?

We must publish our finances on an annual basis, and our trustees and directors’ reports are publicly available. These detail all of our income, expenditure, and financial reserves, and the reports detail our future plans on a yearly basis. Since 2020, the majority of our income has come from competitive grant funding, with around 20% coming from charitable donations from individuals and companies, and further 20% coming from our participation in a variety of research projects. Around 2% of our income comes from, the adverts associated with our YouTube channel, and we appreciate our users’ support in putting up with the adverts, which form a small, important and sustainable source of income for the charity.

What will the NTSP spend my donation on?

Your donation will go directly to helping us improve the care of patients and families living with tracheostomies and laryngectomies around the world. Examples of our current projects (from 2024) include: 

  • Collaborations with hospitals and universities to improve medical devices for the insertion of tracheostomy
  • Co-developing medical devices that facilitate speech in the intensive care unit
  • New instructional videos for above-cuff vocalisation (or ACV)
  • Collaborations to produce new consensus statements and guidance for ACV 
  • Leading the updates of the emergency algorithms with the Difficult Airway Society

Thank you for considering donating to our charity. You can be assured that we will spend anything that we receive directly on improving patient care.

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