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Paediatric emergency algorithms

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The NTSP Paediatric working party is led by Dr Cath Doherty in Manchester. The group has extensively tested algorithms based on the approach to adult emergencies, but adapted for children. The revised versions have been trialled with medical, nursing, allied health staff and carers using medical simulaiton and have been presented at relevant national meetings. The draft algorithms have been reviewed by a number of key stakeholder Colleges and professional groups involved in paediatric tracheosotmy care and are currently available for peer review via this website.

Click here to download the pdf of the paediatric algorithm. This is a 4 page pdf document which incudes paired bedhead sign and directions for initial responses, advanced responses and a combined approach. This work is due to be published shortly, after which time the links will be updated.

Other resources available:

Paediatric bedhead & algorithm powerpoint to adapt
Large bedhead & algorithm
Standard bedhead & algorithm

NTSP Paediatric teaching slides
TRACHE checklist poster
TRACHE checklist document

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The NTSP Adult emergency algorithms, bed-head signs, e-learning and supporting videos and materials are available from the Medical Resources section.

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NTSP Manual 2013 is available to download. NTSP resources are now available for iPhone and iPad. Other smartphone Apps coming soon.

Comprehensive Tracheostomy Care - the NTSP Manual is available in hardback from April 2014. Links on Amazon and Wiley-Blackwell here.









We have developed 3 e-learning modules in partnership with the NHS
e-learning for healthcare project and the Royal College of Anaesthetists.

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Emergency Algorithms

The project has collaborated with multidisciplinary stakeholders to develop unique guidelines for managing tracheostomy and larynegctomy emergencies.

View NTSP published guidelines paper here in Anaesthesia.

More information in the Algorithms pages.

Videos & Resources

We have developed a library of videos to demonstrate key steps in the routine and emergency management of neck breathing patients.

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You can access our printed resources including the NTSP Manual 2013 from the Medical Resources page.