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We have created an interactive algorithm with hyperlinks to the relevant videos which demonstrate the key steps.

Click on each section and a new page will open up with a link to the YouTube video which shows the step in detail.

Close the new page at the end of the video to return to this page.

An interactive laryngectomy algorithm can be viewed by clicking the small laryngectomy algorithm link below.




We have developed 3 e-learning modules in partnership with the NHS
e-learning for healthcare project and the Royal College of Anaesthetists.

Click for eLfH website

Visit e-Learning for more information.

Emergency Algorithms

The project has collaborated with multidisciplinary stakeholders to develop unique guidelines for managing tracheostomy and larynegctomy emergencies.

View NTSP published guidelines paper here in Anaesthesia.

More information in the Algorithms pages.

Videos & Resources

We have developed a library of videos to demonstrate key steps in the routine and emergency management of neck breathing patients.

Click here to view our YouTube library

You can access our printed resources including the NTSP Manual 2013 from the Medical Resources page.